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Sex Offender Lawyer

Who's on Your Side, Working to Clear Your Name?

Helped Many Avoid Registration by Getting Charges Reduced or Dismissed

Experienced Representing Individuals Charged With a Sex Crime

From Private Investigation to Trial - We Are Experienced & Ready

Society Reserves the Harshest Judgement for Individuals Accused of a Sex Crime



You Need an Attorney with Specialized Experience

The Sex Offender Registry is Often a Life Sentence

Being Accused of a Crime Doesn't Mean You're Guilty

Many years of experience as a defender & prosecutor

Tough & aggressive protecting your rights

You Have Options

Time is working against you

You need someone to stand up and fight for you

In a Tailspin, Life is Out of Control
Your Freedom is at Stake
Reputation is Damaged
All Alone, Family, Friends & Job All Assume Guilt

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We Know What You're Going Through:





We Know How to Find Weakness in the Prosecution's Case

As a Former Prosecutor I Know How the Government Builds Cases

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